Christian Corkery


Christian Corkery was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. From his early years, he learned to navigate in both English- and French-speaking circles, giving him the ability to relate to different cultures and perspectives. Although he seemed to always have his head in the clouds, he was quietly developing his sensitivity as a budding visual artist. Throughout his schooling, he was awarded multiple prizes for art projects.

Christian also channelled his energy in athletic pursuits. By age 14, he had won national championships in white-water kayaking. The challenges presented by rapids, rocks and rugged landscapes required high standards of discipline and nurtured his powers of observation and concentration. A crushing injury later took him away from that sport. After completing high school, he embarked on a journey as a solo traveller across Canada. His numerous encounters with people living in all sorts of conditions helped mould his artist’s soul.

Initially, painting was his chosen mode of expression. He was evolving quickly as a skilled painter, however, when he bought his first DSLR camera, his ambitions started to change direction. He decided to register in a photography program at Ottawa’s Algonquin College, where he soon earned distinctions from Adobe and Canon. Christian’s bond with this art form is irreversible.

His style is both intimate and powerful, always profoundly human. Creating stories and scenarios through his images is what stimulates him, although he loves to leave room for the spectator’s own interpretations. His strengths include creativity, a sharp eye for detail and the ability to create images that attract and hold people’s attention. Christian’s photos truly leave no one indifferent.